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 This kind of unit is used to support the heavy infantry raids. It is weaker, but cheaper than the main combat unit of the game. The light infantry units are armed with spears and pikes (long spears).

 The heavy infantry units are the main combat units in the game. They are stronger than ordinary infantry, but more expensive and request iron to be produced. They are armed with swords.

 The Shock Infantry units should be used only for attack enemy's units or cities. They have high offensive combat point, but very low defensive combat point. They are armed with axes and crossbows and should be scouted against enemy's raids.

 The archery units are the defensive units in the game. They are the best choice for defending cities and scouting other units, but they are not good option for direct offensive raids. They can also bombard the enemy's forces before the direct attack.  


 The early mounted units use chariots and are armed with spears and archers. They have the same power of these two ground units plus an extra movement point. The second generation of mounted units uses horses and they are armed with spears, archers and swords. They are faster than chariots and have more offensive combat points. The mounted units are good for scouting and for offensive and defensive missions that request high speed. These units request the horse resource to be produced. Finally, the War Elephant unit is the stronger ordinary unit in game, but not so faster than units mounted in horses and it requests the elephant resource.

 The siege units should be used for bombarding cities and enemy's positions before the direct attack. The two siege engines are Battering Ram and Catapult.

 Each seafaring unit has its function: Currachs are used for transportation of the ground units; Galleys are used for territory exploration; War Galleys are the light combat units; War Long Ships are the main combat units; Fire Rafts are used to cause damage on the enemie fleet before the primary attack (and they are destroyed after have attacked) and Bombard Ships are necessary to bombard enemie's positions before the main strike.


 The other game's units are: settlers are used for building cities and infrastructure (mines, roads...); scouts are used for territory exploration and the clubmen, the first military unit, are used for early offensive and defensive strategies. The settlers and scouts get a optional mounted version faster than theirs ground versions in late Eras, but the mounted settler can't built infraestructure buildings.