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  Stay tuned for more news.

   EVOLUTION is a turn-based game that has being developed by Danny "CivArmy" Rennσ of So.L ("Software Livre" or free software in Portuguese).  I have developed other computer games, such as Terra, Civilization Fighter, and Europe vs. Zombies and mods for Civilization III, IV, Duke Nukem 3d and more. EVOLUTION shows the most important civilizations of the Ancient Time in a battle for survival.

 I hope you enjoy.

 Danny Rennσ.

The game main screen. Click it to enlarge.


Buildings – 100% ready
Cities – 100% ready
Code of Laws (game rules) – 100% ready
Game main screen – 100% ready
Game menu screens – 100% ready
Leader heads – 100 % ready
Natural Disasters – 100% ready
Natural Resources - 100% ready
Opening video – 100% ready
Other artworks – 20% ready
Palace (diplomacy, treasure spending...) – 100% ready
Terrains – 00% ready
Tech Tree – 100% ready
Units – 100% ready
Wonders – 100% ready
Working on: Game Code (Microsoft Visual C# 2010)

  Download two game wallpapers here . One of them is similar of game main menu and the other has Mesopotamian theme.

  Watch the opening video here

Image of the opening video.
 EVOLUTION forums (both in Portuguese):
  - CivBrasil: The Brazilian on line community about the games of the Civilization series has created an entire area to discuss EVOLUTION.
  - Orkut: Community about EVOLUTION on Orkut (for registered users only).