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   - Leader: Queen Makeda
   - Traits: Commercial, Religious and Scientific
   - Economy: Trading and Fishing
   - Government: Monarchy
   - Aggresion Level: Low          
   - Unique Unit: Ethiopian Archer
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Abyssinians are a Semitic people of the Afro-Asiatic branch. These people lived near the Horn of Africa and the modern country related to them is Ethiopia. They were known in Ancient Age for have built giant obelisks on the tombs of their leaders. The Abyssinian leader is Queen Makeda, the ruler of Sheba.



   - Leader: King Nimi
   - Traits: Expansionist, Religious and Scientific
   - Economy: Domesticating  and Slavering
   - Government: Chiefdom
   - Aggresion Level: Low        
   - Unique Unit: Impi
   - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Bantu are the main group of the Niger-Congo branch. In Ancient Time, they were a nomad people that lived mainly in central and southern Africa. Only in Medieval Time they were organized in kingdoms, such as Great Zimbabwe and Kingdom of Congo. King Nimi is a fictional leader inspired at the Congolese mythology.



   - Leader: King Masinissa
   - Traits: Commercial, Expansionist and Industrious
   - Economy: Domestication and Slavering
   - Government: Confederation
   - Aggresion Level: High
   - Unique Unit: Berber Privateer
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Berbers are people who lived in northern Africa, west of Nile Rive. They bellow to the Afro-Asiatic branch. They were known for the piracy practices in Ancient Time. King Masinissa was king of Numidia, where is today Algeria.



   - Leader: Queen Hatshepsut
   - Traits: Agricultural, Cultural and Scientific
   - Economy: Farming and Minning
   - Government: Theocracy
   - Aggresion Level: Moderate
   - Unique Unit: Egyptian Chariot
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Egyptians were an Afro-Asiatic people who became famous for the constructions of the great pyramids and for the mummification practices. They were part of many important happenings in the history of Northern Africa and Middle East. Their leader is Queen Hatshepsut, one of the most important female Pharaoh in the history of Ancient Egypt.



   - Leader: Ghana Dinga Cisse
   - Traits: Agricultural, Industrious and Militaristic
   - Economy: Farming and Gathering
   - Government: Empire
   - Aggresion Level: Moderate
   - Unique Unit: Skirmisher
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Ghanese represent the Songhai language people, branch of the Nilo-Saharan group. They were the rulers of many empires of western Africa, such as Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. The title of the local ruler was Ghana and Dinga Cisse was one of the main leaders of early Ghanese history.



   - Leader: Chief Dhu Ifazan
   - Traits: Industrious, Militaristic and Religious
   - Economy: Gathering and Slavering
   - Government: Dictadorship
   - Aggresion Level: Very high
   - Unique Unit: Kano
    - Capital: Kano

 BACKGROUND: The Hausa people lived where is today Nigeria, in western Africa. They bellow to the Nilo-Saharan branch and they were the root of the powerful Kanem-Bornu Empire in Medieval Era. Chief Dhu Ifazan is a fictional ancient leader. He uses the same name of a legendary Kanuri leader who was born in the 9th century.



   - Leader: Chieftess Krotoa
   - Traits: Agricultural, Commercial and Religious
   - Economy: Gathering and Domesticating
   - Government: Chiefdom
   - Aggresion Level: Very low
   - Unique Unit: Bushman
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Khoisan lived in the southern area of the continent. This branch is divided in the Khoi and San groups. They have lost their territories to the Bantu people slowly in the time of the newcomers migration. Chieftess Krotoa is a fictional leader inspired at a Khoisan merchant of Medieval Time.



   - Leader: Chief Iy Nl
   - Traits: Industrious, Militaristic and Scientific
   - Economy: Domesticating and Minning
   - Government: Confederation
   - Aggresion Level: Moderate
   - Unique Unit: Mounted Warrior
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Nok are a mysterious people which appeared in present Nigeria around 500 BC. Their terracotta structures has turned these people famous. They were the root of the Benin Empire in Medieval Time. Chief Iy Nl is one more fictional leader and his name was inspired at the Benin mythology.



   - Leader: Candace Amanishabheto
   - Traits: Commercial, Cultural and Scientific
   - Economy: Trading and Hunting
   - Government: Theocracy
   - Aggresion Level: Moderate
   - Unique Unit: Camel Archer
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Nubian people are other group of the Nilo-Saharan branch. They were the ancient inhabitants of present Sudan, in northern Africa. They had contact with other ancient people and used to build pyramids too. Candace means Empress in the Nubian language and Amanishabheto was a famous leader of the Kush kingdom.



   - Leader: Queen Arawelo
   - Traits: Commercial, Industrious and Religious
   - Economy: Trading and Fishing
   - Government: Confederation
   - Aggresion Level: Low
   - Unique Unit: Somali Settler
    - Capital:

 BACKGROUND: The Somali are an Afro-Asiatic people that lived in the Horn of Africa. They are the base of modern Somalia. Queen Arawelo was an important ruler of this people and shefought for the Somali women's rights